Increasing cards transaction limits.

In order to increase transaction limits for debit and credit cards on,

you should do the following:

1) After passing the KYC procedure and obtaining the notification, you should create a support request on It is recommended to specify a subject “Increasing card transaction limits”.

2) If you haven’t attached a card, you should add it in your bitlish account.

It is desirable to perform a transaction using the card attached, for example $25.

3) In the support request, you should attach your photo holding the card you are going to use and a paper list with words handwritten.

The photo needs high-resolution without editorial changes.

Middle card numbers should be covered (1234 **** 0987), leaving the other numbers clearly visible.

The user is prohibited to transfer the full card data within support inquiry.

4) Wait for Bitlish support answer and successful request closing.


User limits on different operations are available on the link

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